O U R  P A R E N T  C O M P A N Y

Arcosa, Inc. (NYSE:ACA), headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is a provider of infrastructure-related products and solutions with leading positions in construction, energy, and transportation markets

Meyer Utility Structures is a proud subsidiary of the newly-formed infrastructure company, ARCOSA, Inc. We commit to and pride ourselves on providing reliable structures, superior service, and product solutions. With over sixty years of transmission structural design and fabrication experience, Meyer can provide the structure that best fits your transmission, distribution, lattice, substation or concrete project needs.

W H O  W E  A R E


For over sixty years, the Meyer name has been synonymous with leadership, quality, and reliability in the transmission structure industry.

We were the first to develop, design, and fabricate multi-sided tubular steel transmission poles, the first to use corrosion-resistant weathering steel, the first to utilize full-scale vertical testing, and the first to develop wood-equivalent steel poles. We were the first to design and fabricate 500kV and 765kV single-circuit tubular poles and the first steel transmission manufacturer to become ISO certified.

Our team of highly experienced in-house engineers have helped author many of today’s industry standards and specifications. Engineering solutions for voltages up to 765kV are designed with our proprietary software and validated through years of comprehensive real-world testing.

W H A T  W E  D O

Products and Services

Light Duty Poles 

Meyer’s steel Light Duty (LD) poles are stronger than wood, more flexible than concrete, and stiffer than composite. Coupled with optimized line designs, Meyer LD poles provide the stability and reliability associated with steel while requiring less time, labor, equipment and maintenance.

Engineered Poles 

Our custom-engineered transmission structures are products of our meticulous methodology, unmatched capabilities, and a team of experts able to solve even the most complex application challenges.


 Meyer offers an array of structure options for your transmission and substation needs.


 The QuickPin® arm connection is Meyer Utility Structure’s revolutionary proprietary arm connection. QuickPin® dramatically reduces installation cost while providing a faster time to energization.


he Meyer QuickPier™ Adapter is the innovative solution that bridges the gap between steel structures and helical pier installations.


MeyerClad® is Meyer Utility Structures’ spray coating designed for superior above and below grade corrosion protection.

P R O V E N  E X P E R T I S E


Meyer has the most experienced and accomplished structural full-scale vertical testing facility in North America. With a history of over thirty years of testing experience, Meyer has performed hundreds of structural tests, ranging from single monopoles to complex customized structures exceeding 190 ft and 70,000 ft-kips. Meyer is one of the industry’s only ISO 9001:2015 certified structure suppliers, ensuring the highest level of manufacturing quality. We helped to shape many of the manufacturing standards used in the industry today, including ASTM, AWS, and ASCE guidelines, and we are fully committed to continuous improvement.

Because so much is riding on our structures, we strive for weld performance excellence. We use 100% full penetration welds on all arm bracket to arm shaft welds. Full penetration welds with reinforcing fillet welds provide the greatest assurance against weld failure.

F E A T U R E D    R E S O U R C E S